Cast of Anastasia The Musical

Thank you for making our casting decisions difficult! It is always wonderful to have an incredible amount of talent
from which to choose.  Everyone did an amazing job and this was one of the most difficult auditions we have ever held.
Congratulations to the entire cast.

We have added two more shows to the run! 
There will be two more opportunities to perform bringing the number of performances to 6.

Wednesday, May 4 - 7PM
Thursday, May 5 - 2PM
Thursday, May 5 - 7PM
Friday, May 6 - 7PM
Saturday, May 7 - 2PM
Saturday, May - 7PM

(cast for each show will be announced in January after rehearsals begin)

Anya- AVI Villareal, Kathence Smith, Emerson Ivey
Dowager Empress – Emma Kate Godin, Josey Maddox
Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch - Abigail Johnson, Alexis Waldroup
Demitry - Wyatt Baugh
Gleb - Hannah Beck
Vlad Popov - Nathan Simpson
Tsar Nicholas II/Sergei - Lee Wood
Tsarina Alexandra/Isadora Duncan - Cheyanne Dixon
Alexei Romanov - Max Brady
Count Ipolitov/Count Leopold/Ernest Hemingway - Ryland Britt
Maria Romanov/Marfa
-Joshwelle Dela Rama
Young Anastasia- Mackenzie Morris, Haleigh Howell
Tatiana Romanov/Tatyana/Josphine Baker-Nikki Cumba
Anastasia 17/Comrade/Parisian-Millie Chapman
Paulina-Baylie Portwood
Principal Ballerina Odette-Ansley Adkinson
Swan Lake Dancers-Sophia Arias, Kaylee Smith
Cygnet from Swan Lake- Marley Melton
Comrade/Coco Chanel-Jilly Rourke
Comrade/Gertrude Stein-Joscelyn Sanders
Comrade/ Russian Doorman- Barrett Dunn
Olga Romanov/Comrade-Tabi Maccartee
Gorlinsky/Pablo Picasso- Kenyon Shy
Comrade/Suitor-Maddox Raburn
Conrade/Hotel Manager- William Steinfeld
Comrades and Parisians- Kaylee Bell, Gwen Smith, Katie Bailey, Jozie Tanner, Kyla Reddick, Wren Robbins, Lyra Domingue, Jacie Hartzog