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2023 Professional Development
for Henry County Schools

Program Outline and Resources

Introductions and Background

  • Teacher, Director, Producer, Technician, Fund-Raiser, Choreographer, Lighting Designer, Sound Engineer, Parent, Chicken Herder

    • You are a rock star!​

  • Relationships - Rewards and Pitfalls

  • Recruiting and Retaining

    • Trips

    • Conferences

    • Banquets

    • Awards

  • Engagement and Community

  • Booster Club - Yes or No (or somewhere in-between)

    • Be careful​

    • Setting parameters

    • Clearly defined purpose

  • Managing Expectations (school, community, board, parents)

    • Celebrate every victory​

    • Sometimes Good Enough is Just That

  • And yes, let's talk about One Act Play!

    • Art vs competition (yes, sometimes they are in contrast but they don't have to be)​


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